The Team Monitoring System allows synchronised tracking and analysis of up to n.40 players and with up to n.10 user defined variables.

You may use the options available in the software or add your own monitoring variables with our user friendly software.

This product is aimed at coaches, sports scientists and team managers with a large squad to look after as is the case in many team sports.


iTRIMP TMS+ allows you to:

  1. monitoring of unlimited user defined variables;
  2. add more athletes to the initial 40, at a minimal monthly additional costs (£1.00) per athlete.

This would be useful for professionals and organizations with larger squad to manage and requiring complex levels of analysis.


If you are likely to monitor multiple squads of athletes, you shall perhaps look at our top of the range product:

iTRIMP Club Monitoring System, which is aimed at sports clubs who have numerous squads, large organisations such as Universities and National Governing Bodies.


Software Features and Version Comparison