About Us

How we started

"Myself and Dario Faniglione met on a course. I currently work as a lecturer in exercise physiology and also as a consultant to athletes and teams in various sports.

My Ph.D and post doctoral research has mainly focused on training load and primarily iTRIMP. Having spent many long hours using spreadsheet after spreadsheet to caluculate iTRIMP I realised I needed a solution for more than just myself.

A number of coaches and sports scientists I had met acknowledged the usefulness of iTRIMP but were confined to the limitations of other methods due to a lack of appropriate resources.

I met Dario in November 2012 as he presented some software he had developed for teaching and learning. I was drawn by his pragmatic and focused approach to provide useful solutions which led me to contact him about making this software a reality.

A few months later here we are and I am proud to bring the use of iTRIMP to everyone, especially as a measure of training load with scientific integrity can now be applied with ease.

We're also extremely proud to make the software about the people that use it by taking on board feature requests. We see this as the beginning of the journey and hope to continually improve the iTRIMP software.

Finally I hope that whatever the purposes the software is used for our pricing structure will leave it in the reach of most athletes, teams and clubs whatever their level"

Dr Ibrahim Akubat