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The iTRIMP Athlete Monitoring Software will be available in three guises with two different options. It has numerous features which makes using the iTRIMP Software functional, flexible and time efficient.

Software Features

  • First software to allow automated analysis of iTRIMP which is based on the latest research;
  • Cloud storage which means the data can be securely accessed and entered from anywhere in the world on almost any device with an internet connection by both coaches and athletes;
  • Recommended monitoring options to keep you up to date with research based practice, but also flexible enough to allow you to monitor athletes in your own way;
  • User defined monitoring of load, response and performance;
  • Visual Analogic Scale (VAS) tool that allows you to create user defined scales for easy athlete data entry;
  • Outlier Analysis which is determined by the user defined thresholds over user defined time periods;
  • Early Warning System which allows athlete specific thresholds for warnings of future poor performances, injury or illness;
  • Mobile data entry from tablets & handheld devices;
  • Powerful analysis options;
  • Export of data and graphs for impressive reports to coaches, players and staff;
  • Customizable graphs for individual trend analysis;
  • Feature request function which allows you to have a say in your software;
  • Option of systems so you only pay for what you require;
  • Administrator controlled access for coaches and players.

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