iTRIMP Software Philosophy

Applied, Individualised, Analysis Simplified

Our philosophy at Training Impulse LTD (UK) is to provide you with a product that is driven by research and practice. Our software is the only commercially available software that allows assessment of training load using the individualised iTRIMP method which has been shown by research to be superior to other methods that have gained credence through habitual use rather than scientific underpinning. Read more about this at

Individualisation is a core theme to us through our experience of working with coaches and athletes, we have realised few products allow you to collate and analyze information in one place with advanced individualised analytical options. Our approach is about allowing you to analyse the athlete as an individual while maintaining the coach as the expert at the centre of all analysis. We have recommended some parameters that you may want to measure based on research but also allowed the option of user defined variables to be collected and analysed in a user defined way. We believe in enabling you the expert to go about and do your work more efficiently without imposing software features that you must use. Moreover we believe you are best placed to assess the individual (as no one algorithm can explain everything) in your setting and aim to provide you with the tools to assess trends easily and efficiently allowing you to implement changes.

Finally we believe in making such products available for widespread use and not just the domain of a few. Our pricing structure reflects this making the iTRIMP systems affordable for all. We believe in elite analysis for all. We continue to implement updates based on user feedback and insight from our consultancy work in professional sport.

Take control of your analysis with our software and feel free to try our free trial or visit the Products page to learn more about software versions and pricing